DOWNSTREAM beer is the first to use blockchain technology, revealing everything you want to know about your beer, its ingredients and brewing methods.

DOWNSTREAM Blockchain Beer

Born Curious?

A radical mix of artisanal brewing methods honed by generations and the powerful spirit of today’s digital technology, every aspect of this superb quality craft beer has been carefully recorded and written to the blockchain as a guarantee of transparency and authenticity.

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From Barley to Bottle

DOWNSTREAM blockchain beer is brought to you by a tight-knit team who share a genuine love of Irish craft beer.

While we have lots of experience exporting awesome Irish craft beers to all corners of the globe, we also have a desire to make our own great tasting beer that is 100% transparent about its core ingredients and brewing methods. It’s about giving the adventurous craft beer drinker a taste (and knowledge) of something new.

DOWNSTREAM contains only premium quality raw materials – malt, hops, yeast and water. But it’s our blockchain technology that allows us to reveal the authenticity behind the brew from barley to bottle, so you know for certain that what you’re drinking doesn’t just taste fantastic, but is real, honest to goodness craft beer.

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