Ireland Craft Beers (ICB) was established in 2014 to be the next step in the revolution of the Irish Beer scene and help accelerate their craft beers into global export markets. To become part of the ICB portfolio, producers must showcase a unique and brilliant style of brewing, alongside a great Irish heritage in their techniques. Being able to demonstrate uniqueness and authenticity is what sets Ireland Craft Beers apart.

The team at ICB had a vision, to be able to reveal everything that a consumer would want to know about the beer they were drinking, its ingredients and its brewing methods.

Downstream Beer Cans


To help achieve our vision we turned to blockchain technology and supply chain traceability. This lead to a world first, a new brand of beer that would be placed on a blockchain and enable consumers to fully trace the beer's ingredients from source.

Downstream beers are a radical mix of artisanal brewing methods and the powerful spirit of digital technology. The use of technology ensures every aspect of this superb quality craft beer has been carefully recorded and written to the blockchain as a guarantee of transparency and authenticity.

Each bottle and can of Downstream is uniquely marked and authenticated, allowing full traceability of every bottle through the brewery and the supplier network to the consumer.

Downstream beer bottle

How Does This Work?

Customers simply scan a QR Smart Code on the label of the beer to be taken on an online experience that allows them to uniquely identify every single bottle produced. The arc-net solution allows the consumer to access information on the premium raw materials – malt, hops, yeast and water – used to produce each Downstream beer style, revealing the authenticity behind the brew from barley to bottle.

Downstream Mobile Application


Following the successful launch, Downstream beers are now available across the UK from select retailers.

Downstream Beer Range
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